About neos

You want to go for tomorrow today? Welcome to neos.

neos is the power of innovation. More precisely: Your power of innovation. Being an owner-managed strategic consultancy, we rethink your organisation, your business models and your products – and join forces with you to get your full potential going.

We create additional benefit, in actual markets as well as in completely new segments. Especially in the course of digitisation, we can give essential impetus, find new possibilities, lift potentials and make you fit for tomorrow – today.

neos is innovation

Having your future in mind is good. Having it under control is neos.

Even we cannot plan or guarantee business success 100%. But we can do something close: set the perfect stage for it.

For us, strategy is not a construction kit. Working with many differerent corporations every day, we know that there is way too much diversity in goals, cultures and structures. Therefore we take every single project personally: We look at your entire business – and then develop a perfectly fitting and integrated portfolio of activities.

Only by doing this, we can realign and optimze your existing business model - or even show you a completely new model. We can recognize and capture beneficial positions in your competition at a glance. We can make sure that your future is not only in your mind – but perfectly under control.


Our future world will be full of 1s and 0s. You decide.

Digital transformation is a coin coming with two sides: On the one hand, new competences have to be built, existing models questioned and hitherto successful strategies abandoned. On the other hand, there is a list of unimagined possibilities: Unequalled insights into your cusomers‘ needs, technologies which enable you to put up the fastest and most individual services ever and last but not least: completely new and idle markets.

We support you on your way to the future. We help you to fit your business to the actual needs – or to develop completely new ones. Together, we will find the innovative technologies which will really pay off for you, we will tell apart short-term hypes from sustainable models – and we will line up perfectly for the upcoming digital world. Because when it comes to the question about the 1s and the 0s – we already know your answer.

Innovation management

Put the pedal to the metal. We set siderails and airbags.

A single idea alone – be it as good and revolutionary as it gets – will not help you with your company‘s success. It is the implementation that turns an idea into a real innovation – and which makes it a unique advantage for your organisation.

We bring a culture of innovation to your company. We set the stage for people who recognize the ideas which are worthy being pursued. We implement a strategic innovation management that helps you get your innovations going – and the controls to always have a lock on them.

Workforce management

The stronger one will survive? Well, talk about that to a T-Rex.

„Survival of the fittest“ is often misunderstood: It is not the stronger one who wins – but the one who is able to adapt best to a given situation. That is especially true for today`s global economy.

One of the most important parts in fitting your structures and processes to the actual situation is the assignment of emplyees and freelancers. Together we develop workforce solutions – from change management to IT-solutions – which help you fitting your ressources to the current order situation. The result: Your company will be fit for tomorrow – and you can start becoming the strongest anyway.

Change management

How to react best to change: Get rid of the „re“.

One of the most important abilities for any company today is being able to react to changes fast and flexible. The problem: If reacting is understood as valuable in itself, you will lose track of your original strategy by and by.

That is why we set up a sustainable architecture for your change-processes. We develop a unique vision for your company, drafting and describing every single neccessary step in detail. Your change management will become taxable, visualisable and easy to describe – a solid fundament, which enables you not only to react, but to be in perfect control in every situation.


A company crisis can be pretty scaring. Or starching.

When a crisis arrives at a compay, you will see the entrepreneur’s real strength at once: Does he lose track of things, does he act hastily and offhand – or does he keep his head and is able to arise from the situation even stronger?

We prefer option number two. We stay calm and unhurried, analyzing your business model thoroughly. We take a close look at markets and trade channels. We check cost structures and question your organisation from an objective point of view. Having done all that, we put you back on track – stronger than ever before.

IT management

IT is for the guys downstairs. And the ones on top of the list.

Still today, many companies believe that the best IT is one you do not notice at all. The only times it is cared about are situations like „the printer is offline“ or the installation of an update or a completely new system – which can tie up business for days.

A suggestion: What about an IT that does not slow you down but speeds things up? At a glance. Lasting. And most notably: Verifiable. We take a deep, integrated, strategic look at the challenges of your IT – and then we develop perfectly fitting solutions, exactly tailored to your individual processes. The result: IT solutions which take you a big step forward – and your name on top of the list.

Start Up

You are ready to start. We take care of your way going up.

This may be one of the best times you can have being an entrepreneur: Establishing your own company. Your very own innovative idea, aplenty of enthusiasm – an entire world is at your feet, ready to be conqured.

But: The number of mistakes you can make right now is as big as the number of possibilities. We help you implementing your idea – without making the mistakes so many other start-ups have already done again and again. Starting with structuring your offers to creating a solid plan of business and organizing your market launch, we accompany you on the best of all ways: strictly upwards.

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